I will be continuing the development of my RTS, originally based on the tutorial by Edgar Storm. You can follow my original tutorial here, this follows Edgar's tutorial and converts the game to Unity 5.5. This section expands on the features and will take the game to a point that it is properly playable, although still relatively simple.

I have decided not to create the game based on Rising Lands. Copyright in the UK allows for parody, or use in personal learning projects, but by the time I finish this I will have a working game. I don't want to bump in to copyright issues at this point. I will be developing the game more in line with my next project. It will have some similar concepts, but many of these ideas are shared across many strategy games.

The game is currently missing some core features that will need to be implemented before we have a properly playable game. In no particular order, these include

  • Improved mouse input.
  • Fully working resource system
  • Adding Terrain
  • Mini Map
  • Manning buildings with units.
  • Pathfinding
  • Technology Tree
  • Fog of War
  • CPU AI
  • Multiplayer

The pages in this section will detail how I implement this.