I started this website to document my exploits in a number of hobbies and perhaps the odd work related project. I like to help others, so when I have had to figure something out, be it CAD related, Software development, taking the car to bits etc. I will post it here so others can benefit.

I am not just going to write about everything I do, why reinvent the wheel? Just the things that I have trouble finding solutions to on the web.

I consider myself an expert with Autodesk Inventor. I spent some time as a tutor and have taught a number of people over the years. At some point I will reformat my tutorials for publishing on the web. 

I never intended to get into CAD, but I have an interest in figuring out how things work, rather than just how to use them. This lead to me being pretty good with Inventor and able to create some quite intricate and intelligent models. I am an engineer for Musk Engineering, who provide services to the process industry.

In my spare time I have taken an interest in software development, although it is fair to say I have no professional experience here. Mostly I have been tinkering with games development, just because I find it interesting. You will find details on this website. I am also the developer of Regatta in a Box. Regatta in a box is linked to my other hobby. I am Captain of Trent Rowing Club and have been there regularly since the year 2000. I spend around 15-20 hours a week involved with rowing, except on the couple of weeks I have off. to be perfectly honest it is surprising I find time for other hobbies.